Eating in Phu Quoc

The food in Phu Quoc island means mainly fresh seafood – which is pretty obvious for it is an island. A lot of herbs and vegetables are being used, which makes the dishes fresh and simple, but really delicious. Some of the local run restaurants might seem a bit weird or shabby from a distance, but they might be the most inexpensive and best places! So don’t be a fooled by the looks of the places.

There are also a lot of french cuisine restaurants on the island run by europeans. Nowadays you can even find for example a spanish restaurant serving high-class tapas on the island. I can guarantee that the food part won’t let you down in Phu Quoc.

Eating in Phu Quoc


Night Market in Duong Dong

The most authentic Phu Quoc food experience is the night market in Duong Dong (it is there every night). There are a dozen or so food stalls serving cheap and delicious (sea)food. Usually you go the food stall and pick your favorite ingredients. The guy at the stall cooks your ingredients on the grill – simple but so delicious. There are also stall where you can buy fresh fruits and shakes for dessert. Try the local rambutan fruit – it is ten times more expensive back home.

Eating in Phu Quoc Night market


Eating in the Long Beach area

There are a lot of excellent restaurants by the beachside in the Long Beach area serving typically vietnamese food. The restaurants have usually a nice sunset view since the Long Beach is situated on the western side of Phu Quoc island. You can find your own favorite restaurant just by strolling up and down the beachside.

Bars in Phu Quoc 

There aren’t really that many bars or nightclubs in Phu Quoc. People just tend to take walks on the long beach area or have a drink in some of the restaurants on the beachfront. However, there are few bars / nightclubs on the Long Beach which play music and where people come to dance.